The Hornery, as its name suggests (which, if you have not figured out is a play on my surname, Horne, this is not meant to be condescending, just mentioning in case you are wondering) is really just my (fusion809/Brenton)’s personal website. So its format is not really that of a Wiki (wherein everyone is invited to join in and contribute), despite this, if you find something that you feel is inaccurate or misinformed, I am interested in receiving your feedback. Please remember, however, that if your feedback is more subjective than it is objective (in other words you are telling me what you think or believe and not what you know and have evidence to support), odds are it will ignored, as this website is supposed to be from my point of view, although I do try to let you, the readers, reach your own conclusions, by presenting all the facts. If you ask me to advertise your product, or site, I will ignore you. I have received a few emails that fit into this category that I have ignored. I will also accept any recommendations on how to improve this website, in its aesthetics and such. There are four main ways you can provide me with feedback:

You can use any of these four methods — I, for my part, have no particular preference, so long as you are clear in how you describe the issue. If you are rude in how you submit your correction (like attacking me or the site, in a way that is clearly personal, or without much detail as to what exactly is the problem), it will likely be ignored and I will not even dignify it with a response. There used to be comments on every page and post, but unfortunately in mid 2017 I noticed that the comments section was acting up (with the comments not being shown) so I deleted this option.